Weds Feb 10 – Blizzard!

We woke up to a world of white today. Steve, Nikki, Hannah and Jacqui are spending this year in Annapolis while Steve is on sabbatical, doing ethics research at the Naval Academy. They’re staying in Navy housing – and the building dates from 1870. It’s been beautifully restored into a large 3 bedroom apartment with high ceilings and wooden floors – only in the basement can you see the age of the building.

The snow that dumped today took the total for the winter to an all-time record of 201cm – the average annual fall here is 36cm! Everyone here is talking about it.

The boys and I have only ever seen two lots of snow – walking on a glacier in Switzerland in 2000, and in January 1996 when we had a dusting at Falls Creek. This is just in a whole new category. Words escape me – here’s some photos of today:

From left to right: Alex, Mim, Hannah, Nikki and Scott.