Tuesday Feb 23 – Happy Birthday to me in San Diego

My second birthday for 2010 (is it like the hobbits and their second breakfast?) Yesterday in Australia, today here. The morning catching up on emails and the internet in general. Bryan, you did a good job of hiding from me that you were supposed to be working from home today – you should have just told me, I’d have been fine to keep myself entertained!

In the afternoon I rented a car and then went in to the office for a little while. It seemed a little surreal to go into the office (a) during my vacation, and (b) on my birthday, but it was the only way to fit in a quick meeting with Grace, the intern who’s just started working on a project with me, and Arun, who’s running the project. Working with her the next few months will be a lot easier now that we’ve had a chance to meet and brainstorm a few ideas.

Then out to dinner – surf and turf right on the beach – yet another great meal with great company, despite the fact that the IT guys from work piked out on us. I’m seeing a pattern here – last year the Sydney office piked on Thanksgiving, and this year San Diego IT piked on my birthday.