Sunday Feb 7

I’ve gotten way behind – too busy exploring Manhatton to be blogging! I’m going to attempt to catch up in the next day or two, but keep adding one entry for each day.
OK, Sunday. First things first – Jacqui ended up spending another night with us – yay! This morning we went and took a look at Times Square – it was about -8C so we escaped into a McDonalds in an attempt to keep warm. I caved in and bought another (small point and shoot) camera from a fast-talking salesman, in the hopes that we’ll be able to actually take (and keep) some photos without the camera freezing. This was definitely the most touristy place we went in New York, and we didn’t end up hanging around for long.

Then we walked (OK, I wheeled) Jacqui over to Grand Central Station, where she was meeting a friend to head to Ohio en route to a homeschooler conference. Grand Central was awesome in the literal sense – huge vaulted ceiling, and marble as far as the eye can see. After that Alex headed home for some peace and quiet (he’s been having a bit of trouble adjusting to the hustle and bustle of New York) and Scott and I went shopping – the beginning of Scott’s New York sartorial extravaganza – he’s going to be far and away the best dressed glassie in Sydney when he gets back. I must say, he’s not the only one who’s stocking their wardrobe πŸ™‚

After all that we were pretty stuffed, so headed back to the apartment. Scott promptly fell asleep (we’re all still living in some indeterminate time zone). Alex and I headed out to try to buy him a watch at the Macys β€œ20% off if you’re wearing red” sale – but failed. On our way home we explored the neighbourhood a little, finding a 7 eleven that doesn’t sell pies and sausage rolls, but then found a great Mexican takeaway – Scott ate half his in a haze of sleep and was back in bed 5 minutes later.

We’ve been doing all this to-ing and fro-ing mostly in taxis – which is proving to be not only cheap, but also a great way to do sightseeing, especially since it’s too cold to do as much walking as we’d like. Today we went past the New York library – where the huge wave came down the street in “The Day after Tomorrow”.