Monday March 1st – Heading for LA

I decided to take time in Vegas to do a bit of last-minute shopping (some ziplock bags to make sure nothing leaks on the way home, and another present or two), rather than try to negotiate all that in LA, and, again, I took it slowly and with a late start to save some spoons, so didn’t get much done today.

Not that I’ve been particularly unwell – in fact, I’ve been far better this entire month than I normally am in Sydney. I’m going to have to hassle the doctor to work out why. No idea whether it’s stress at home, that I’ve got some low level allergic reaction to something in the house, the Sydney climate, or what. But if I can be this well when I’m traveling, doing far more than average, and generally out of my element, why can’t I reproduce that when I’m largely in control of my environment at home? I’ve worked out that I’ve driven over 1200 mi (2000km) this week. Back home, just the drive to Canberra (300km, 190mi) is enough to put me in bed for two days. Why the big difference?

So I headed down towards LA. Again, a beautiful drive (mostly), but taking it pretty slow. I stopped in Victorville, about an hour and a half from LAX, found a hotel, wrote some more blog entries (which will get to you all eventually, I promise – I’m sorry they’ve been so delayed) and attempted to get everything packed into my bag. Not so easy – I’ve done too much shopping, even since I sent so much back with the boys. And because I need to negotiate the airports in Bertha, on my own, with suitcases and handluggage, I’m restricted in exactly what and how I can pack, how big the suitcase can be, etc. I got it all in there eventually, but my suitcase has gained 6kg in the last 2 weeks!