Mon 15 Sept – Mostly Chores

Oh dear.  Day two and I’m running behind on the blog already.  I’ll try to do better!

Lot of running around today, shopping, getting the rest of the van fitted out as a “campervan”.  I’m now the proud owner of a mattress, doona and sheets, a basic kitchen kit including a 12V esky, and some food. Plus some extra clothes and outlet shopping – I definitely didn’t pack for this ridiculous heat, it’s been in the high 30s. Funny how that feels like work to me when a lot of people would see that as a main feature of a US holiday. 

I started in Venice and Santa Monica, where I had breakfast of a bagel with garlic cream cheese at a little place on Main Street.  And Ruth: the garlic had some real bite, just like we never see in Australia any more!  Yummy.  And for those of  you who are or were Californication fans – the place really does feel and look like that.  Tiny streets and lanes, high fences with what you sense are expensive houses behind.  And very cute little boutiques and shops.  And even numerous bald men with large cigars!!!

One thing I did enjoy was my first visit to a fabric store.  I promised myself I’d only buy what I could see myself making up and enjoying straight away – and I think I stuck to it pretty well.  This place was amazing – a massive range, mostly great quality, and good prices compared to what we pay in Sydney.  I’ll be doing more of these as I travel around, but since none of you are sewers I’ll keep my comments to a minimum 🙂  I was aiming for a second fabric store but lost my nerve when  drove into the neighbourhood.  The fashion district here is block upon block of what can best be described as chaos – what looks from the road like tiny jam packed shops, hundreds of people everywhere, and men with flags ready to wave you towards parking garages.  I declined and headed out – it just seemed too much to deal with.  I might come back before I fly out, I’ll see.

Although today was mostly driving, it did give me a good sense of L.A.   From Santa Monica I headed up Wilshire Boulevard, through Beverley Hills, downtown, the fashion district, and ended up in Burbank (where a lot of the actual filming of movies is done) for the night. Fascinating to see the variations, from hugely expensive (even though I didn’t head into the really rich areas) to very poor and lots of homeless.  Even the police cars show the difference – LA police have old basic cruisers, while Beverley Hills have nice new model SUVs.

Nice Art Deco and Spanish style architecture everywhere.